7 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss0

7 best cardio exercises for weight loss

The best thing about a cardio workout is that it is something that you can do almost anywhere and without any equipment. It is one of the most democratic fat loss workouts because it lets everyone make their own choices on how to reach their goals.

This, however, does not make it any less effective. A good cardio workout still remains the best option for weight loss, zapping away fat and improving all health indicators.

Here is a list of that you may want to consider if you are starting out or are just looking for a change.

The 7 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss.


running burns calories faster than brisk walk

All you need is a good pair of shoes and the open road. Research has shown that a cardio exercise done over a period of years as a habit has huge benefits for your health, and running is one form of cardio that travels with you everywhere.

It helps burn calories at a rapid rate (almost twice that of a brisk walk), keeps your heart rate up and melts the fat off your body.

If you have ankle and knee trouble, you may want to avoid it as it puts a lot of strain on them.

2. Elliptical Trainer.

ellipical trainer provides full body workout

The elliptical trainer is probably the most commonly purchased gym machine after the treadmill and the benefit it offers justifies that. This machine provides a full body workout, similar to cross country skiing, without putting you at the mercy of the elements.

It is also a much better options if you are prone to injury as it does not have the repeated pounding of the joints experienced in running.

3. Swimming.

swimming targets mutiple muscle groups

Swimming is the closest you will get to the ideal cardio workout. It targets multiple muscle groups across your entire body without putting any excessive injury causing strain. It can be used as an individual workout strategy by itself or as a way to get in shape to pursue other more rigorous exercise options.

It is an ideal exercise for everyone from young children to seniors.

4. Bicycling.

cycling can help you lose weight

Bicycling is another great exercise which can be done both indoors and outdoors. Cycling outdoors has certain advantages like the change in scenery, as well as the social interaction it offers with other people in your group. You are thus less likely to quit it out of boredom.

The legs are the primary part of your body being worked here and the calorie burn rate depends upon how fast you work them. This is also a low impact exercise and so it is accessible to almost everybody.

5. Rowing.

rowing exercise works upper and lower body

Unless you are living close to a body of water, it is likely that you will be using an indoor rowing machine. Rowing is a great cardio exercise as both your upper and lower body are being worked on. You can adjust the resistance according to your strength levels and intensity like an elliptical trainer.

If you are new to this exercise, you will be surprised to find how rigorous a workout it gives you. Remember to take it slow so that you can allow your muscles to adjust to the strain before really pushing it.

6. Kickboxing

kickboxing provides full body workout

One of the newer trends in cardio workouts, this form of training is really gaining momentum over the last few years. It provides a full body workout with its combination of kicking and punching.

It is also an extremely involved form of exercise, so the intensity is always high. You will get an adrenaline rush out of it, as well as feel empowered after a workout. Losing weight while getting stronger and fitter has never been more fun.

7. Aerobics/Dancing/Spin.

spinning builds muscle tone

Any form of “organized-moving” exercises can be included in this category as they all basically achieve the same objectives. Aerobics, dancing and spinning can be incredibly fun to do and help you lose weight without making you feel like you are exercising.

But the popularity of these classes has dropped over the last few years, as people find that taking the time out to find a good class, get to it every day and then keep on doing it for a long time requires a lot of effort. Nevertheless, if you find that you have close access to one, then it is an effective way to get fitter and lose weight.


A good cardio workout will always remain in vogue. High intensity interval training, which is getting a lot of attention nowadays, is just a modification of the way you do regular cardio exercises. Any one of the mentioned forms can be performed in that manner.

The key to losing weight is to maintain intensity over a session and to keep consistency over a long period of time.

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