10 Best at Home Fat Burning Exercises0

best at home exercises

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If you are anything like me, you know you need to exercise to burn off the most fat. However, going to the gym is not always high on my list of favorite activities – especially when I have already spent my entire day running around in the car.

Whether you don’t have the extra time needed to drive to the gym, or you rather get fit in the comfort of your own home, these top ten fat burning exercises are the most effective in helping you lose weight without heading to the gym.

1. Burpees

This exercise starts from a standing position, and works your core and leg muscles.

  • Squat down so that you can place your hands on the ground beside your feet
  • Keeping your hands in this position, use your legs to jump your feet backwards
  • Immediately jump your feet back into the starting position, and jump up to a standing position
  • Immediately go back into the squat position to start the next rep.

2. Push Ups

This exercise works your chest and triceps muscles to help you increase your strength and burn fat at the same time.

  • You will start out on your hands and knees, with your hands spread to just a bit farther than shoulder width apart
  • Stretch both legs out so that you are balanced on your hands and the tips of your toes
  • Tuck your backside in until your back is straight, creating a line that runs from your shoulders to your feet
  • Keeping your body in a straight line, bend your arms at the elbows and lower your body so that you are almost touching the floor and push yourself up to the starting position

3. Squats

The squat is one of the best as it works some of the largest muscles in your body.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your hands down at your sides
  • Bend your knees while pushing your backside down as if you are going to sit in a chair – make sure that your knees do not move out past your toes
  • Return to the starting position and repeat

4. Jump Squat

The jump squat builds on the traditional squat to help you burn even more fat during your workout.

  • Begin in the same position as the squat
  • Pushing with your heels, jump up as hard as you can
  • As soon as you land, lower yourself back into the original squat position and repeat

5. Deadlift

This exercise uses a barbell to help build muscle in your back and burn fat.

  • Stand up straight with the barbell in front of you on the floor
  • Bend your knees, keeping your back straight, and grab the bar at around shoulder width
  • Push with your legs and return to the upright position with the bar in your hands, with your shoulders back
  • Bend at the knees and return to the starting position and repeat

6. Chair Dips

This exercise helps you tone up the flab that hangs down on the backs of your arms, and it requires a chair.

  • Stand in front of the chair, with your hands resting on the seat
  • Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows, using your arms to support your weight
  • Push back up to the starting position to complete one rep

7. Jumping Lunge

This is another body weight exercise that burns fat fast.

  • Place one foot in front of the other, around three to four feet apart
  • Move into the lunge position, with your back leg bent so that the knee is close to the ground, keeping your front knee in line with your ankle
  • Jump up while switching the position of your front and back feet, landing in the starting position with your legs in opposite positions.

8. Reverse Lunge

  • Stand with your hands together above your head
  • Take one large step back with your left foot
  • Bend your knees until your front knee is straight above the ankle, and your back thigh is parallel to the floor
  • Push with your back heel while bringing your left leg forward
  • Continue alternating for each rep

9. Shoulder Press

  • Sit holding a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing forward
  • Push up until the dumbbells meet when your arms are extended
  • Return to starting position and repeat

10. Bent Over Rows

  • Stand in front of barbell, with your knees bent, and your back straight so that you are over the barbell
  • Lift the barbell up to waist level
  • Release until arms are extended downward into starting position

These 10 best at home fat burning exercises will help you burn fat fast. Make sure to do them at least three times per week for best results.