9 Sources of Hidden Calories0

Let’s go over the 9 sources of hidden calories that you may have overlooked.

1. Your Morning Coffee

The sugar and cream in your coffee can add up to 100 calories. So drink black coffee instead or, better yet, drink green tea.

2. Your Salad

The dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cheese, croutons, and so on can easily add 500 more calories per day to your otherwise healthy salad. Eat your salad without the toppings or with them on the side.

3. Your Pasta Dish

There’s far too many added calories if you use cream or cheese sauce. If you are aiming for optimal fat loss, it’s better to avoid pasta because it’s high in carbs.

4. Your Stir-Fry

If you’re using store-bought sauce for stir fry, chances are you are taking in way more sugar, salt and calories than you realize.

5. Your Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

There is a great deal of added sugar in flavoured yogurts. Buy plain yogurt instead. Add fresh fruits and raw nuts yourself.

6. Your Sandwich

Eat your sandwich without mayonnaise, cheese or butter. Load it instead with vegetables.

7. Your Grilled Steak Sauce

Commercial barbecue sauce contains too much sugar than you realize. Check the label to see how many calories it contains.

8. Your Vegetable Dip

Most vegetable dips are very high in calories and fat and will turn your healthy snack into a very unhealthy one. Prepare you own dip with fat-free yogurt or fresh salsa.

9. Your Protein Bar

Most protein bars are filled with excess sugar. Make sure you read the label information.

The Bottom Line

If you are not careful, these additions could easily add up to an extra 300 – 500 calories per day. So pay attention to these foods and drink.

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